Points to remember before hiring in house SEO consultant

When a medium, small or big businesses need a professional and competent SEO consultant, four options are available for them

  1. Gather a team comprising of in-house programmers, marketers and webmasters to work on the campaign

  2. Hire a professional SEO Agency on a contract basis

  3. Employ an SEO consultant by posting advertisement to work as a fulltime employee in your company.

  4. Hire an SEO consultant (in-house) from a professional firm to work with your staff without working like an employee

So, what do you think will be the best option for you? You can consider the below listed options before you decide on anything

Gathering an in house team of marketers and webmasters will certainly not work as well as seoinsight.co.uk. Teams of programmers, marketers and webmasters will not succeed as they will not have enough experience in SEO. Moreover, they will not realize the challenges or hidden problems because of which the website suffers and what the solution to the problem is.

Application of best practices in SEO

When your SEO (in-house) consultant will start working on any of the online projects, he will work with the managers of your team to make sure that they focus on best practices of SEO for every project assigned. This will help to create new web pages faster and other online promotional advertisement reach the first pages of various search engines including Google.

SEO training workshops and seminars

An in house consultants (SEO) will organize SEO training workshops and seminars for various departments and for employees working at different levels on best SEO practices that need to be implemented in every project that they work on.

Getting more productive and profitable ideas

The daily interaction and discussions between your in house SEO consultant and your employees in the company like directors, programmers, managers, administrators and webmasters will ignite new ideas from both ends. Even a simple suggestion or an idea in a friendly atmosphere can create a difference while starting or modifying a new or existing campaign making it more profitable.

Creating websites that are SEO friendly

In house SEO consultant will find it easy to work with the managers in your company to work on redesigns or necessary modifications to the website to make the website SEO friendly in shortest period. This will help your websites appear in the first page of Google and other search engines.

Detailed Audit for SEO campaign with your programmers and webmasters

The consultant (in-house SEO) can easily carry out a detailed audit on SEO campaign to list the necessary points that require modifications or correction in the website and different campaigns used for online advertising.

Selecting profitable and effective keywords for optimisation.

Having in touch with staff from various departments directly will help the SEO consultant finish the job of selecting profitable and effective keywords.

Including SMM as important part of marketing strategies for your business

The consultant will have healthy and friendly relationship with the employees and this will help him train them in establishing different platforms for social media. Maintaining your presence on various platforms of social media is a time consuming as well as expensive task. Having an SEO consultant (in house) can start and supervise selected employees from the company who will be assigned activities related to social media marketing on a daily basis, which in turn will lower the cost for the entire process.

Press releases can be easily published

The in house consultant for SEO remains in direct contact with administration, he/she can get tons of ideas on a regular basis about the fresh press releases. He can co-ordinate with the staff and publish a lot of press releases almost every month. This will help promoting the services or product of the company, improve branding, and create back links in large numbers, which will help increase the ranking of your website on various search engines.


The consultant can get blogs from each department which he can post on the blogs of companies every week. An outside SEO consultant cannot do the same thing by getting in touch with different departments to write posts for blog. Every blog that is optimized well written is like an asset for your company.

Saving time and money that you spend to conduct interviews and carrying out hiring process

Hiring a professional and experienced SEO consultant is a difficult task. You end up spending hours in evaluating candidates and interviewing them. The interviewers are not knowledgeable enough to pick the right candidate. When you hire a SEO in house consultant from a professional SEO firm or agency it ensures you are getting a professional. This will save your time to put in efforts to choose the right consultant.