SEO Analysis Tools : Check your Site

SEO Analysis is important for your website so that you know where you stand and can improve your site accordingly. Do ask your SEO service provider to help you analyze your site periodically for the desirable results. Here are a few tools that can be of help:


Woo Rank is a free and premium tool that provides you with an instant website review. The cheapest version comes at $49/month and you can also get an unlimited free 7 day trial for the same. With free account you can generate limited number of reports. The features it has on offer are: * Marketing Checklist – The Action points for your site.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is again a free SEO analyzer that analyzes your site and it uses 45 individual checks in 6 separate categories. A result is produced based on those checks. It will give you a summary, which will include along with a numerical score for the site a count of the failed checks also :

Site Auditor

Site Auditor is one of the SEO tools provided by Raven Tools as part of their Internet marketing solution.

The report is divided into different sections :

Hub Spot’s Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader will delve a bit deeper into your online marketing strategies, unlike the other SEO analyzers. It generates reports with focus areas being on five parameters, which are primarily your online marketing efforts: